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Features included

EPF Configuration

ESIC Configuration

Salary Note

Define Salary

Salary Loan

Salary Payments

Apply For Loan

Leave Approval

Leave Calender

Payroll Features

Attendance Management: Efficiently handle staff attendance by inputting data into the system or importing it from Excel. Excel import is particularly useful for integrating with biometric or other attendance tracking devices.

Holiday Management: Establish distinct calendars for staff working days and holidays, independently from academic schedules.

Leave Records: Keep comprehensive records of staff leaves, including the reasons for their absence, covering various durations for which leave is requested.

Salary Components: Define different salary components and categorize them as basic, payable, or deductible items.

Salary Structure Definition: Create salary structures for all staff members, specifying payables, deductibles, and basic components. Define the timeframes for salary validity, facilitating historical tracking of salary changes.

Loans Management: Extend loans to staff members and outline the repayment schedule, allowing for the monitoring of employee loan histories.

Salary Payments: Execute salary payments using a grid-based interface that automates calculations for loan installments, payables, deductibles, and any CL (Casual Leave) deductions.

PF / ESIC Deductions: Administer Employee Provident Fund (EPF) and Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) deductions, along with generating relevant reports.

Report Generation: Produce monthly reports, payslips, and bank letters for the purpose of transferring employee salaries. Export these reports in Excel and PDF formats for easy accessibility.

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