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Selfie Attendance

Revolutionize time-tracking with Selfie Attendance—a hassle-free, accurate way to log work hours directly from your mobile device.

Document Management

Say goodbye to clutter with our Document Management feature. Organize, store, and retrieve crucial HR documents in seconds."

Streamlined Onboarding Process

Kickstart employee journeys with our streamlined onboarding. Complete pre-joining formalities digitally and ensure a warm welcome."

Centralized Employee Database

Access real-time data effortlessly through our Centralized Employee Database. Simplify HR operations and foster stronger team collaboration.

Innovative Selfie Attendance Module with Selfie-based Geofencing

Our HRMS product offers a cutting-edge Selfie Attendance Module that empowers employees to effortlessly mark their attendance directly through the app. What’s more, we’ve incorporated Selfie-based Geofencing Technology to enhance the accuracy and security of attendance tracking. Experience the future of attendance management with our advanced features.

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Meet Shramdoot, your new partner in achieving employee success. Born out of the need to simplify the intricacies of HR and payroll, we offer a comprehensive solution to optimize workplace performance. With us, you have an all-in-one platform to streamline HR and payroll processes, making them more efficient and effective. Say goodbye to complexities and hello to simplified success in managing your workforce. Trust Shramdoot to empower your business.

Case Study

Shramdoot Streamlines HR and Payroll for MSMEs and Shops

Shramdoot introduces a game-changing HR and payroll management system tailored for MSMEs and shops. By automating core tasks, it saves time, reduces errors, and lets businesses focus on growth and customer satisfaction.

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