How to Navigate Peer Feedback, OKRs, and
Gamification Pitfalls (academic)

Objective Key Results (OKRs), peer reviews, and gamification are popular tools that can amplify productivity in the workplace. However, they come with their own sets of challenges. This article aims to provide small business owners in India with actionable insights on overcoming these limitations.

The Challenge of Peer Reviews

Employees may feel uncomfortable giving candid feedback about their colleagues, affecting the effectiveness of peer reviews. Personal biases can also skew the results.

Solution: Anonymous Feedback Mechanism

An anonymous feedback mechanism can alleviate concerns about openness. A well-designed platform can also include bias-detection algorithms to flag prejudiced remarks.

The OKR Misalignment

OKRs can be a double-edged sword. They might align employees towards a common goal and create misalignment between individual and organisational objectives.

Solution: Regular Alignment Meetings

Conduct bi-monthly alignment meetings to ensure individual OKRs harmonise with organisational goals. Open discussions can prevent misalignment and ensure everyone is on the same page.

The Gamification Conundrum

While gamification can boost employee engagement, it can also foster a competitive rather than a collaborative environment.

Solution: Team-Based Rewards

Move away from individual rewards to team-based incentives. This approach encourages collaboration and mitigates the negative impacts of competition.

Alternatives to Gamification

If gamification is not the right fit, consider these alternatives:
  • Employee Recognition Programs: Regularly acknowledge and reward employees for their contributions.
  • Learning and Development Opportunities: Allow employees to upskill, which can also benefit the company in the long run.


HRMS is more than just an acronym; it’s a critical tool for effective human resource management, especially for small businesses in India. The case studies illustrate that HRMS can be a game-changer, improving efficiency and ensuring compliance.


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