Loan & Advance Policies for Employees in
Small Indian Businesses

For small business owners in India, offering loans and advances to employees is not just a matter of policy but also a sign of goodwill. However, managing these financial incentives can become a laborious task. Enter Shramdoot, one of the best HRMS platforms in India, designed to simplify such challenges for Indian small businesses.

Why Loans and Advances are Important

Providing loans and advances can be a great incentive for employee retention and job satisfaction. It can also serve as a financial cushion, aiding employees during their times of need.

Challenges in Managing Loans and Advances

Keeping track of various loan conditions, interest rates, and repayment schedules can become a hindrance for HR departments. That’s where Shramdoot shines.

Shramdoot: Your Partner in Managing Employee Finances

Shramdoot’s robust HRMS platform offers a specialized ‘Salary Loan’ feature. With this, businesses can effortlessly manage and track the entire loan lifecycle. Whether it’s setting interest rates or customizing repayment terms, Shramdoot offers a comprehensive suite of options tailored to the unique needs of small Indian businesses.

Features and Benefits

Loan Policies

Set your own loan policies that align with your business ethics and rules.

Automated Calculations

Shramdoot does all the heavy lifting for you, automating interest calculations and deductions.

Transparency in tracking loan

Enable your employees to track their loan status, keeping the process transparent and efficient.

Why Choose Shramdoot

  • Local Relevance: Built considering Indian demographics, Shramdoot understands the nuanced needs of local businesses.
  • User-Friendly: With a Flesch reading score between 70-80, Shramdoot makes it fairly easy for anyone to navigate through its features.


Small Indian businesses can significantly benefit from implementing well-managed loan and advance policies. Shramdoot’s Salary Loan feature can streamline this process, saving you both time and resources. Make the smart choice for your business; let Shramdoot handle your HR needs.

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